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"THE GATE TO SELENE" / 100x150cm

"THE GATE TO SELENE" / 100x150cm

Selene dedicated a monument to the last pilgrim who conquered this path.
"Selene - the goddess of the moon" - took the head of the now mummified pilgrim and raised it into the sky as a likeness of the new moon.

The artwork shows the connection between the goddess Selene and the moon, symbolized by the pilgrim's head. The use of gray and black in the background gives the artwork a mysterious and mysterious atmosphere, while the other colors and glitter bring the image to life and create the impression of a twinkling star image.

The red glowing desert that makes the path to the goddess difficult symbolizes the challenges and obstacles one must overcome to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The deep little rivers represent the rivers of life and the different experiences one can have along the way.
The ring of fire symbolizes the trials and sacrifices one must make to reach the goddess.
The monument to the last pilgrim who conquered the path shows the recognition and appreciation that Selene has for those who have the courage and perseverance to take the difficult path. By raising the pilgrim's head into the sky as a likeness of the new moon, Selene honors his devotion and sacrifice.

Overall, "The Gate to Selene" is a fascinating work of art that depicts the connection between the goddess Selene, the moon and the spiritual challenges of life. It invites the viewer to reflect on the meaning of dedication, perseverance and sacrifice and inspires one to seek one's own path to enlightenment.


    acrobatics in acryl 

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