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Berlin Gallery – Marco Skura

The Berlin Gallery, under the management and artistic direction of Diana Achtzig, presents a large selection of abstract and non-representational artists from February 5th, 2021 to March 7th, 2021. Part of the game is the artist Marco Skura, who recently published a guest article with us.
The German artist Marco Skura, who was born in 1967, affectionately calls his studio the “mental center of creativity”.

“My works are created in complete silence in harmony with spiritual contentment. The time doesn't matter. Sometimes I paint all night long. Creating new works of art is only possible if you can work in harmony with yourself.”


The self-taught artist uses an extraordinary technique that allows him to integrate incredible dynamics, an expressive play of colors and an exceptionally beautiful depth into his works. The titles of most of his works are also unusual, most of which come from Greek mythology and reflect the current state of mind when finding names.
The message and intention of the images always remain hidden. The quiet and introverted artist rejects any interpretations of his works.
Due to their constant presence in renowned galleries, the paintings of the artist Marco Skura are enjoying increasing popularity among collectors and connoisseurs.

Golden Medusa


Message from November 28th, 2022     

"Genius or madness?"

- Marco Skura exhibits his acrylic fantasies in Bendorf -

By Wolfgang Rabsch

In the wonderful ambience of the “Sayner Scheune” in Berndorf-Sayn, art lovers and gourmets had the unique opportunity to enjoy both passions at the same time.
The acrylic artist Marco Skura, who was born in Neuwied and also lives there, presented some exhibits of his artistic work there as part of an "Art & Dinner" exhibition.

Marco Skura often names his works after themes from Greek mythology. Interpretationsn he doesn't pretend. 

Before the event began, the NR-Kurier took the opportunity to have a lengthy conversation with the artist about his work and life, where he presented his view of things with merciless honesty and openness. Due to a bitter blow of fate, about which nothing is disclosed here, he developed extreme psychological problems, which ultimately ended in a stay in the psychiatric hospital for several months. After his release, he was ready to take part in life again.















But fears and doubts remained, so that he often woke up at night bathed in sweat from his dreams. He was helpless in the face of these situations, especially since they were not beautiful dreams, but dreams that can often be found in Greek mythology. Greek mythology is notoriously not for the faint-hearted and is often dominated by brutality and death.

Dynamics, depth and play of colors

“I knew that I had to do something to avoid falling back into my old patterns,” says Skura, looking back. "It was more of a coincidence that I was painting black paint over a canvas with a brush, and at that moment I noticed that this action had a positive reaction in my head. I started making canvases myself, buying paints that were almost exclusively colourful, bright, almost bright tones. Since I am self-taught, I have developed an extraordinary technique to combine strong dynamics in harmony with great depth and an expressive play of colors in my works. When I start a work of art, I don't know what will come of it ", explained the artist, who not without reason describes his studio as the 'center of my spiritual work'.

Marco Skura takes the titles of his works mainly from Greek mythology, and they depend directly on his current state of mind when designing and finding a name. The artist literally said: "Every painting has its own self. Everyone who looks at my works should enjoy the dynamics and splendor of colors without seeing any meaning in them. I reject any interpretation of my works, as the statement and intention of my "Images should always remain hidden".

Mental satisfaction

Marco Skura's works are made with high-quality acrylic artist's paint on stretcher frames, sometimes applied in ten layers and treated with a highly transparent final varnish after completion. The varnish preserves the work, protects it from environmental influences and allows the luminosity of the colors to fully develop.
"My works are created in complete silence in harmony with a spiritual contentment. The time of day doesn't matter. Sometimes I paint all night long. Creating new works of art is only possible if I am in harmony with myself. Art is my elixir of life "I need it like the air I need to breathe," is the artist's clear opinion.

The visitors' reactions were mostly positive, a mixture of enthusiasm and astonishment, but also thoughtfulness and guesswork. When the well-known sentence 'Here genius and madness are close together' was uttered in the open discussion, the artist was not offended, but rather saw it as a kind of award.
Marco Skura had achieved what he wanted, his guests discussed the significance of the individual images and, contrary to the artist's opinion, tried to interpret them.

A successful evening with an expressive but not eccentric artist who has already exhibited in renowned galleries in major German cities such as Hamburg and Berlin. The works
The artist's works can be admired in the "Sayner Scheune" until the end of the year.


Medusa in gold
Mystical: The ferryman Charon crosses the Styx with a dead soul
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