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Artist statement


“Works of deep feelingsYou can survive solely through mindfulness!”


Overstimulation and the hectic pace of everyday life require a level of awareness that is second to none.

I take people into an expressive, captivating world of colors that allows feelings and sensitivity to be embraced.

My works combine the opposites of dynamism and calm.

My art creates expressive and abstract works that catapult us into a mysterious past time of Greek mythology, where scientific explanations can no longer make any progress!

My art invites you into a world of bygone times in which the mystery of science plays no role. There are many different mythical creatures in Greek mythology. They are fearsome creatures that come through the imagination of men
were created and whose existence was never proven.

That's exactly how I got into art. For several personal strokes of fate, oppressive things have been playing out in my imagination. Through my artistic work I prevent myself from slipping into madness.


In short, I give the viewers of my art the opportunity to understand the meaning of life and to make universal laws applicable to themselves.

By lingering in the effort, one can understand the true swinging lines and contrasting tones in the context of the dynamic abstraction of my works. 

From every viewing angle, the viewer has new perspectives on his or her own life. This enables him to perceive his own creative and thought process more intensively and to pass this on with responsibility.

My mission is to use my life story and my art to reach people who are in a life crisis and to use me as an example of how to catapult themselves out of this phase through art.

Marco Skura – 2022 -

Golden Medusa on a white background. Marco Skura's logo
mystical black and white photo
The ferryman Charon brings a dead soul across the Acheron to Hades
The ferryman Charon on the Styx











Out of of psychiatry catapulted into the art world



The particularly non-representational and expressive German artist
Marco Skura was born in Neuwied in 1967, where he still lives and works today.

"My works are created in complete peace and quiet."
Creating new works of art is only possible for me if I can work in harmony with myself.”

The autodictactic artist uses an extraordinary technique that allows him to integrate unique dynamics, an expressive play of colors and incredible depth into his works.
Intense color swings are carried by color masses.

The titles of most of his works are equally unusual, most of which come from Greek mythology and reflect the current state of mind during his work.

“Every painting has its own self. Everyone who looks at my works will pause and surrender to their feelings, thoughts and fantasies.”


Skura ended up in a psychiatric hospital due to an illness, where he came into contact with the realm of the dead Hades due to trauma. He was able to channel his illness through painting and after 12 weeks he was discharged much more stable.

Art is existentially important for him so that he is not taken over by delusions again. It can be said that creating art is as important to him as breathing air.


Due to the constant presence in renowned galleries, the works of the artist Marco Skura are enjoying increasing popularity among connoisseurs, collectors and lovers of colorful expressive art.

His works have already been successfully presented in several major German cities and international audiences are already showing keen interest in his art.
We will hear and see a lot more about Marco Skura and his art in the future.
His works promise an investment in the future.

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