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The “COLOR THERAPY” series is fascinating! It is a collection of a total of 8 round works of art, each measuring 75 cm in diameter.

The fact that they have been coordinated with each other and yet each work has its own "soul" indicates that they fit together in their overall concept and are harmonious with each other, but still radiate individual characteristics.

In this series, the artist has used colors and techniques in an impressive way to provide viewers with an intense visual experience.
The arrangement of the powerful, radiant color compositions creates a certain spatial depth that makes them appear very lively.

A series like "COLOR THERAPY" can evoke different emotions and reactions in the viewer, making it complex and captivating
Represent a complete work of art.
Each individual work could tell its own story and will take the viewer into a special world of colors and feelings.
It is certainly exciting to experience these works of art in their entirety and to find out how they affect us.

    acrobatics in acryl 

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