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"THE DISTANT REALM" / 100x150cm

"THE DISTANT REALM" / 100x150cm

The colors of the painting "The distant Realm" create a lively and fascinating atmosphere. The contrast between the bright red of the volcano, the light blue water and the strong green of the forests gives the image a certain magic. The yellow sun shining through seems almost surreal and reinforces the impression of a distant and mysterious place.


The creatures floating above the land give the work a certain eeriness. You can imagine them slowly making their way and exploring the new land. Despite its eerie appearance, the image does not appear threatening, but rather calming. Maybe it's the harmony of the colors or the calm that radiates from the scene.

The depth of the painting is impressive. You have the feeling of being drawn into the scene and experiencing the development of this distant empire up close. There are so many details to discover that you keep discovering new aspects of the picture.

Overall, "The distant Realm" is an impressive work that lives through its dynamic composition and its extraordinary depth. It tells a fascinating story of evolution and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in this world and be enchanted by its beauty and mysticism.

    acrobatics in acryl 

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