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"SPIDER'S WORLD" / 80x100cm

"SPIDER'S WORLD" / 80x100cm

The focal point of the work will captivate the viewer's eyes

and draw him into a world full of mystery and fascination. The spider "Arachne" seems to come to life and its fine threads weave a complex network that seems to permeate space.

The colors of the artwork are carefully chosen and create a mysterious atmosphere. Dark shades of black and gray dominate, while isolated bright accents of red and yellow attract the viewer's eye. These contrasts reinforce the impression of depth and dimensionality.

The shapes in “Spiders World” are organic and flowing. The spider itself is depicted in a dynamic pose, as if it were in the process of weaving its web. The threads extend in all directions, creating a feeling of movement and vibrancy.

The focal point of the artwork, the spider's eyes, are particularly captivating. They seem to look directly at the viewer and create a connection. You can hardly tear yourself away from her gaze and feel like you are being watched and at the same time fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the spider.

"Spiders World" is a work of art that takes the viewer into another world. It invites you to look at nature and its fascinating creatures from a new perspective and be enchanted by their beauty and elegance.

    acrobatics in acryl 

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