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The combination of neon colors and warm color waves gives the work a lively and dynamic atmosphere. The colors seem to literally glow and create a certain tension. The special technique used here allows the viewer to continually discover new details and creatures in the image.

The “Creatures of Disaster” seem to crawl out of the masses of color and take on different shapes. Some appear like animals or mythical creatures, others are more abstract and difficult to define. This variety of creatures gives the work a certain mysticism and stimulates the viewer's imagination.

The depth of the image reinforces the impression that the colors are actually emerging from the image. A kind of three-dimensional effect is created that draws the viewer into the work. You have the feeling of diving into another world in which these "Creatures of Disaster" exist.

Overall, "Creatures of Desaster" is a fascinating and unique work that impresses with its color intensity, special technique and variety of creatures. It invites the viewer to enter the world of colors and imagination and to continually discover new details.

    acrobatics in acryl 

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