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"BASILISK" / 50x100 cm

"BASILISK" / 50x100 cm

The clever use of warm color nuances and a harmonious background creates an intense and lively representation of the basilisk snake that attracts the viewer's attention.
The combination of color and texture of the canvas creates the impression that the snake depicted is literally jumping out of the canvas, giving the work a dynamic depth and immersive quality.
The chosen colors as well as the composition techniques create a captivating and visually appealing representation of the work, in which small subtleties can always be discovered.
The choice of colors, the creation of an appropriate background and the clever use of texture all contribute to emphasizing the intensity and vibrancy of the artwork.

Warm colors tend to have an activating and emotional effect on people. They can influence moods, evoke feelings and even trigger physical reactions.


    acrobatics in acryl 

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